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Automation Solutions

Data-Driven, Customer-Centric Pharmacy Automation

We are committed to automation solutions that deliver optimized production resulting in superior patient care. Machines alone, however, cannot meet this goal. To help you realize increased production capacity, efficiency, and accuracy, we always start by asking, “What are your goals with this equipment?” Then we work together to create an actionable workflow plan to make those goals a reality.  JFCRx is more than just an equipment vendor.  We are a long-term partner that provides the solutions pharmacies need to be successful.



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Automation Conquers Labor Challenges

Prescription filling, inventory management, and medication dispensing can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. Dependable and accurate automation solutions allow pharmacy staff to focus on patient care. With options designed for small to large footprint facilities, we have an automation solution to fit the needs of every pharmacy.

Leverage Automation for Cost-Savings

How can you find long-term cost savings and grow revenue while reducing costs in the complex healthcare landscape? The right automation solution helps you to:

  • Save on labor by streamlining prescription filling processes
  • Reduce the risk of rework due to errors
  • Make inventory management more efficient
  • Provide better control and monitoring of medication management
Customer Service is Key

Without attentive customer service, even the best automation solutions will fall short. We take to heart our customers’ toughest challenges and everyday needs. Then we craft the automation solution workflow to help each pharmacy continuously improve and grow. An important part of our consultative approach is to show pharmacies how to leverage automation equipment for new revenue channels.

Safety First

Automation solutions minimize the risk of human error in dispensing medication (which can negatively impact patient safety) by improving accuracy in dispensing and labeling. This can directly impact patient care and health outcomes.

Find a Solution

Through proven blister card and pouch packaging solutions, we help pharmacies improve patient medication adherence while optimizing production and efficiencies. Managing medication adherence is a key challenge for patient outcomes and overall cost of care. Partnering with JFCRx’s Adherence Solutions allows pharmacies to meet these challenges.

Vial filling technology helps pharmacists to more efficiently and accurately dispense medications – versus traditional manual processes. This means staff can spend more time on patient care and depend upon the accuracy and verification capabilities of their vial filling solution.

Only JFCRx offers a complete suite of pharmacy automation solutions managed through one cloud-based ecosystem, Enlite. This transformative software turns any number of disparate systems into a single solution – and delivers a higher level of efficiency, analytics, and reporting not available before in the industry. Enlite addresses inefficiencies and communication barriers in the pharmacy industry’s existing hardware ecosystem.