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Pharmacy Solutions for Adherence Packaging

Adherence Packaging Solutions Focused on Business Efficiencies and Patient Care

Through proven blister card and pouch packaging solutions, we help pharmacies improve patient medication adherence while optimizing production and efficiencies. Managing medication adherence is a key challenge for patient outcomes and overall cost of care. Partnering with JFCRx’s adherence solutions allows pharmacies to meet these challenges.



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Focused on Adherence, Accuracy, and Efficiency

Medication Adherence Promotes Positive Patient Outcomes

A pharmacy’s ability to offer adherence packaging aids in patient medication adherence — which is essential to positive health outcomes. This is evidenced by the World Health Organization (WHO) report stating: “Increasing the effectiveness of adherence interventions may have a far greater effect on the health of the population than any improvement in specific medical treatments.” Together, we can leverage automation to promote positive patient outcomes.

Scalable and Flexible Solutions

Our adherence packaging solutions meet the needs of any pharmacy. From one machine to full enterprise systems, we offer flexible solutions that can easily be scaled for your needs today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Verification Technology Reduces Time-Consuming Manual Checks

We use advanced inspection technologies that examine specific criteria including quantity, pill size, shape, and color to ensure the correct medication is packaged for the correct patient at the correct time.

Transform Your Business with Advanced Analytics

We provide insight into your business through resolution-focused reports and dashboards. Actionable data dictates decisions to increase efficiencies and revenue. This is provided through a customizable system designed to fit your operational needs and goals.

Comprehensive Adherence Packaging Options

TruCardTM is the industry’s premier automated multi-dose blister card packaging solution with integrated image verification. Designed to fit the needs of any pharmacy through flexible configurations and workflows, the TruCard line provides accurate and efficient workflows to fill and check blister cards automatically.

TruPakTM is the next evolution of adherence packaging and delivers labor-saving automated tablet pouch packaging for improved safety, efficiency, and medication adherence.

TruCheckTM provides adherence pouch verification for product quality, accuracy, and traceability. Efficient and accurate verification, review, and storage of adherence pouches is critical to any pharmacy operation. TruCheck streamlines production and minimizes timely manual checks while ensuring patient safety.

How can pharmacies and patients benefit from medical adherence packaging?

Automated medication adherence packaging, such as adherence pouch packaging or multi-dose blister packaging, serves as a cost-effective lifeline for pharmacies or other medical outlets seeking to maintain a sound financial standing. Not only do these solutions bolster patient adherence and enhance operational efficiencies, but they also have the potential to significantly and positively impact a pharmacy’s financial health.

As an example, one source estimated that multi-dose adherence pouch packaging could attract more than ten new customers each month, keen to take advantage of the simplicity and organization it supplies. Depending on the number of medications taken by each customer, this improvement could possibly generate tens of thousands of annual profits and help pharmacies to maintain healthy margins.

Improved Patient Medication Adherence

The primary and first goal of adherence packaging is to improve patient adherence to prescribed medications. These solutions help promote greater adherence by providing organized and easy-to-follow packaged medications.

When a patient receives well organized and clearly labelled medications, it reduces potential confusion, and the patient is more likely to take the medication as directed. Adherence packaging organizes medications by dose and time. This simplifies the daily routine for patients or their caregivers.

Proper adherence to a medication routine makes it more likely the patient will experience a better health outcome and reduce hospitalization risks.

Enhanced Medication Safety

Medication adherence packaging solutions, like TruPakTM, offer automated tablet pouch packaging that reduces the risk of medication errors. Accurate and organized packaging helps patients receive the correct medications in the right dosage, to promote safety and better health.

Efficiency and Time Savings

Pharmacy automation systems like TruPakTM, streamline the medication packaging process. Automation reduces the time and labor required for packaging medications, reduces the risk of error and allows pharmacy staff to focus on other critical tasks.

Accurate Verification

TruCheckTM offers adherence pouch verification capabilities, to enhance product quality, dosage and filling accuracy and traceability. Efficient and accurate verification minimizes the time required for manual checks while also reducing the risk of error.

Cost Savings

The time and labor saved through automated pouch or blister packaging in addition to verification solutions, translates into significant cost savings for long-term or retail pharmacies or those embedded within a medical system.

Pharmacies across the country are realizing the benefits of medication adherence packaging. These automated packaging solutions not only contribute to better patient outcomes, but also have a substantial impact on the financial health of the pharmacy. Possibilities include attracting new customers, increasing gross profit, improving patient adherence to medication timelines and proper dosages and potentially improving Star ratings. Medication adherence packaging can help pharmacies thrive.