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TruPak™ – Adherence Pouch Packaging

Adherence Pouch Packaging Machine

Adherence Packaging

TruPak™ – Adherence Pouch Packaging

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  • Labor-saving automated tablet pouch packaging
  • Improved safety, efficiency, and medication adherence
  • Combines innovative hardware and software
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Efficient Workflows, Customizable Options

TruPak provides scalable options for onboard capacity to fit all your workflow needs.

  • Unlimited external canister for additional formulary items with 100% RFID-smart canister technology
  • Enhanced formulary management through sharing canisters between multiple devices
  • On-the-fly canister replenishment during dispensing
  • Labels are printed after the medication is dispensed to ensure accurate information on all pouches, resulting in less rework and waste
  • Customizable pouch sizes 60-70-80-90mm
  • Easy to clean, front access for all pill paths
Adherence Pouch Packaging
Adherence Pouch Packaging

Innovation in Every Aspect

TruPak utilizes a dual carousel, RFID-chipped canister system, giving you:

  • The ability to refill canisters without impacting production
  • Instant recognition of the NDC no matter where the canister is placed in the machine. Canister placement does not impact dispensing
  • Automatic updates to lot and expiration date information as canister changes
  • Dual verification of medication barcode and canister RFID ensures accurate canister replenishment
  • Multiple size options of canisters for increased customization and right-sizing of inventory
  • Multiple pouch lengths, narrow and wide widths, to fit your patient’s needs

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TruCheckTM provides adherence pouch verification for product quality, accuracy, and traceability. Efficient and accurate verification, review, and storage of adherence pouches is critical to any pharmacy operation. TruCheck streamlines production and minimizes timely manual checks while ensuring patient safety.

TruCardTM is the industry’s premier automated multi-dose blister card packaging solution with integrated image verification. Designed to fit the needs of any pharmacy through flexible configurations and workflows, the TruCard line provides accurate and efficient workflows to fill and check blister cards automatically.

TruScriptTM provides easy, safe, and accurate automated vial filling. With a user-friendly interface and scalable design, it is adaptable to any pharmacy and can link multiple devices together to expand formulary capacity.