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Solutions for Every Pharmacy in Every Market

Solutions for Every Pharmacy in Every Market

Every pharmacy needs reliable automation, software, and service to avoid downtime and maximize productivity. We exist to deliver more. For long-term care pharmacies, retail pharmacies, and hospital pharmacies serving both in-patient and outpatient needs, we go beyond the norm by leveraging comprehensive analytics to drive profitable growth.



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Long-Term Care Pharmacies

The growth of our aging population has elevated the need for facilities that provide long-term care, and medication management within long-term care pharmacies is inherently complex, making accuracy, safety, and compliance vital. Considering today’s staffing challenges, effective pharmacy automation equipment and workflow solutions are more critical than ever to allow long-term care pharmacies to achieve their goals while focusing on patient care.

Retail Pharmacies

The competitive landscape of retail pharmacies today demands streamlined operations to improve efficiency and expand revenue opportunities. Removing non-essential staff activities allows staff to spend more time interacting with patients and to facilitate medication therapy management, immunization programs, and other patient-focused revenue streams. We deliver solutions that are right-sized to the individual retail pharmacy and scalable to meet changing growth and revenue goals. From workflow plans that make sense in your retail footprint to expanding service to include adherence packaging and verification technology, we can help retail pharmacies drive new revenue opportunities.

Hospital Pharmacies

Our hospital pharmacy partners depend on us for pharmacy automation that meets the challenges of both in-patient and outpatient pharmacy operations. Our commitment to innovation and strategic support of the whole hospital pharmacy operation means we provide scalable solutions that enable hospital pharmacies to quickly adapt to changing patient populations and clinical needs – from managing patient care during admission to focusing on medication adherence through discharge programs. Pharmacy automation done right can help hospital pharmacies elevate patient care and preserve margins in an environment of shrinking reimbursement levels.

How Can We Help?

Through proven blister card and pouch packaging solutions, we help pharmacies improve patient medication adherence while optimizing production and efficiencies. Managing medication adherence is a key challenge for patient outcomes and overall cost of care. Partnering with JFCRx’s Adherence Solutions allows pharmacies to meet these challenges.

Vial filling technology helps pharmacists to more efficiently and accurately dispense medications – versus traditional manual processes. This means staff can spend more time on patient care and depend upon the accuracy and verification capabilities of their vial filling solution.

Only JFCRx offers a complete suite of pharmacy automation solutions managed through one cloud-based ecosystem, Enlite. This transformative software turns any number of disparate systems into a single solution – and delivers a higher level of efficiency, analytics, and reporting not available before in the industry. Enlite addresses inefficiencies and communication barriers in the pharmacy industry’s existing hardware ecosystem.