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Software Solution for Pharmacy Automation

The Enlite Management System

A universal challenge in pharmacies across all markets is accurate and customized reporting that provides actionable intelligence. We believe in the value of software-driven intelligence that comes from having all of your systems connected – and the power of using that data to run your business more efficiently.  At JFCRx, we empower our pharmacy partners to make data-driven decisions that make them more efficient and profitable through real-time systems intelligence.



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Connected, Custom Reporting that Drives ROI

Reporting is only meaningful if you have the data connection points necessary to see the whole picture. Our reports editor capability delivers reporting from a single location and machine to a complete enterprise system. Connecting all device data through a cloud-based system means you can have all your production data in one place and easily build custom reports reflecting your entire operation. This is next-level reporting, enabling you to manage efficiency and productivity for continuous improvement across your entire operation.

Dashboards that Deliver Actionable Data

Our dashboards provide intelligence on how to best run your systems. User-friendly and intuitive, you can analyze real-time data configured to display in a manner that best serves your business. With easily adjustable performance thresholds to constantly pursue continuous improvement, JFCRx empowers pharmacies with actionable data focused on resolution paths to ensure their processes and staff operate as efficiently as possible.

Introducing the Enlite Ecosystem

Only JFCRx offers a complete suite of pharmacy automation solutions managed through one cloud-based ecosystem, Enlite. This transformative software turns any number of disparate systems into a single solution – and delivers a higher level of efficiency, analytics, and reporting not available before in the industry. Enlite addresses inefficiencies and communication barriers in the pharmacy industry’s existing hardware ecosystem. Schedule a demo to learn more about Enlite’s current reporting and dashboard capabilities, and the enterprise-level expansions in development.

Enlite Management System Interface

The Next Innovation: Enterprise-Level Insight

Pharmacies are in a constant state of change and growth as they manage the ever-changing environment of today’s complex market. To meet this challenge, enterprise-level capabilities are on the horizon for Enlite. This expansion of our centralized management tool enables the management of all systems throughout an enterprise-level system – something the industry has demanded but not yet seen. Enterprise-wide order routing, formulary and user management, and centralized reporting will be available through one cloud-based system, delivering direct visibility into production and quality data across the spectrum of your pharmacy operation.