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TruCheck™ – Pouch Verification

Adherence Packaging

TruCheck™ – Pouch Verification

  • Efficient and accurate verification, review, and storage
  • Minimizes timely manual checks
  • Streamlines production and promotes patient safety
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Algorithm-Driven Accuracy

Pharmacists rely on TruCheck to confirm that the contents of every single or multi-dose pouch match what is prescribed. An algorithm-based process is designed to decrease or virtually eliminate time-consuming false alarms.

Production & Quality Monitoring

Usage data gathered by TruCheck helps you to monitor production process quality. From individual pill alarm rates to general production performance, TruCheck’s intuitive interface gives you insights into how to best optimize your workflow.

Check-Out Software Provides Traceability

Data on all pouches, including a traceable reporting of what verification process actions were taken and by whom, is at your fingertips with TruCheck’s check-out software. You can easily see which pouches require review and instantly access data on all pouches.

Repair Station Capabilities

Once a pouch is repaired, a new image of the repaired pouch can be added to the image database via the system’s repair software.

TruCheck: Convenient and Fast Verification, Scalable to Fit your Operation

The TruCheck combines an efficient and accurate workflow with a compact design, making it a solution for all pharmacies.

  • Up to 5,400 pouches an hour
  • Small footprint designed for tabletop use

TruCheck+ for High-Volume

The TruCheck+ combines high-speed pouch verification with automatic rolling, cutting, and taping of pouches by patient. It enables high-volume pharmacies to increase production throughput and eliminate manual post-production activities.

  • Up to 10,800 pouches an hour
  • Inspect, cut, roll, and tape as one continuous workflow
  • Integrated motorized spooler to streamline production
  • Designed to allow future integration with existing conveyor belt and logistics process automation
  • Vision technology designed for high-speed detection and verification at scale

Vision Station Efficiency and Verification

Easy-to-use pill programming software combined with a Vision Station enables pharmacists to add new medication and update changed medication accurately. One way in which TruCheck promotes operational efficiency is a vibration table that keeps pills in a single layer to reduce the likelihood of pouch rejection when pills lay one on top of the other. Attributes like these make the TruCheck verification process as efficient as possible.

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