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Automation Solutions for Retail Pharmacies

Driving Revenue for Retail Pharmacies

Retail pharmacies are foundational to their communities. From workflow plans that make sense in one to multiple retail footprints to expanding service to include adherence packaging and verification technology to drive new revenue, JFCRx helps retail pharmacies leverage automation so staff can focus on delivering superior patient and community care.



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Revenue Expansion Opportunities

Retail pharmacies face staffing shortages and lower reimbursement rates, making profitability challenging. Growing revenue in this business environment means cost-saving and efficiency are paramount.

That’s why we provide automation equipment and workflow solutions to help retail pharmacies achieve operational and growth goals. JFCRx delivers a range of scalable and efficient automation solutions, including:

  • Multi-dose blister card packaging with built-in verification with TruCard
  • Adherence pouch verification for product quality, accuracy, and traceability with TruCheck
  • Tablet pouch packaging for improved safety and medication adherence with TruPak
  • Easy, safe, and accurate semi-automated vial filling with TruScript
Freedom to Focus on Patient Care

Retail pharmacists not only fill medical prescriptions but also counsel patients about healthcare and wellness concerns. Removing non-essential activities from pharmacy staff frees up your team to spend more time consulting patients, providing medication therapy management, administering immunization programs, or engaging in other patient-focused revenue streams.

Get a Leg Up on the Competition

Retail pharmacies are directly competing with large online retailers and central fill pharmacies. However, retail pharmacies have become healthcare destinations for services such as vaccinations or immunizations, testing, healthcare screenings, and medication counseling. Part of creating a positive and welcoming in-store experience is giving pharmacists the time to provide that in-person care. Automation solutions that deliver optimized production can lessen the burden of prescription filling, inventory management, and medication dispensing.

Advanced Analytics

We provide insight into long-term care pharmacy operations through resolution-focused intelligence and dashboards. Our commitment to “analytics driven automation” means we leverage actionable data to build pharmacy workflows that create efficiency and new opportunities for revenue and growth.

How Can We Help?

TruScriptTM provides easy, safe, and accurate semi-automated vial filling. With a user-friendly interface and scalable design, it is adaptable to any pharmacy and can link multiple devices together to expand formulary capacity.

TruPakTM is the next evolution of adherence packaging and delivers labor-saving automated tablet pouch packaging for improved safety, efficiency, and medication adherence.

TruCheckTM provides adherence pouch verification for product quality, accuracy, and traceability. Efficient and accurate verification, review, and storage of adherence pouches is critical to any pharmacy operation. TruCheck streamlines production and minimizes timely manual checks while ensuring patient safety.

TruCardTM is the industry’s premier automated multi-dose blister card packaging solution with integrated image verification. Designed to fit the needs of any pharmacy through flexible configurations and workflows, the TruCard line provides accurate and efficient workflows to fill and check blister cards automatically.

What is the role of automation in retail pharmacy?

Firstly, retail pharmacy automation can significantly improve prescription filling processes. Pharmacy automation machines precisely count, dispense and label medications in a variety of packaging, such as vials, blister packs or pouches. This precision automation reduces the risk of human error and helps ensure that patients receive the right medication in the proper dosage. This accuracy boosts the pharmacy’s reputation for reliability and enhances patient safety for better care.

Automation also expedites prescription processing. This reduces wait times for customers. Pharmacy customers. Patients can expect faster service and quicker access to their medications, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, automation aids in inventory management, optimizing stock levels and minimizing waste.

Moreover, retail pharmacy automation enables facilities to provide value-added services such as immunizations or therapy management, more efficiently. Automation empowers pharmacists to spend more time addressing patient’s healthcare needs and prioritize personalized patient interaction. This improves patient care and operational efficiencies, to make pharmacies more competitive in the healthcare landscape.

How does retail pharmacy automation work?

Retail pharmacy automation involves sophisticated technology that simplifies and streamlines the prescription dispensing process to improve pharmacy efficiency. The pharmacy automation systems operate using a series of exact steps.

Firstly, when a prescription is received either manually or electronically, it is entered into the pharmacy’s computer system. The automation system then retrieves the specified medication from inventory, typically organized in a storage unit accessible via a robotic retrieval method.

Once the medication is selected, the system accurately counts and dispenses the prescribed quantity. This automated process eliminates the possibility of human error when counting or measuring medications, to promote greater patient safety.

Next, the automated dispensing system labels the medication with all necessary information. This will include patient details, dosages and usage instructions. This automated label creation helps reduce the time it takes to prepare prescriptions.

Finally, the filled prescription is verified for accuracy prior to being either securely stored or given to the patient. Pharmacy automation machines help play a critical role in managing inventory, tracking medication levels and restocking as needed.